Normally, people would visit Gwanghwamun just to take picture with King Sejong the Great and Admiral Yi Sun-Shin statues. However, Gwanghwamun is also famous for brunch restaurants and chic café that hide in the sub-street.

The recommended brunch restaurant for today is 시카노이에 a Japanese fusion restaurant.

시카노이에 is pretty small comparing to its huge fame. It is a hidden gem in the sub-street surrounded by other brunch restaurants.

The restaurant consists of only 8 tables which customers may need to wait outside during the peak when a number of customer rushes into the restaurant at the same time.

The top menus are Shrimp & Avocado rice, Omelet rice and sukiyaki.

They also serve the ice barley tea which smells super good and taste.

The dish decoration is super cute and well organized. They are really thoughtful about how customers may have a hard time cutting shrimp, hence they put a small scissor to facilitate the cutting.

The food quality is as expected: good quality and yummy.

The staffs are also very nice and kind.

If you want to try some new brunch restaurant, 시카노이에 would be a good choice to go with 🙂

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