Three bedrooms apartment with eatures Bexco view! It comfortably fits four people and is centrally located on the heart of Haeundae named “Centum City”, just 5min from the world largest department store, Sinsegae. Enjoy sunny side window and easy access to all sightseeing & shopping area!


< what makes the residence unique? >
– Brand-new & white tone designed interior design
– Guarantee the highest level of facilities
– Comfy interior layout with all built-in furniture
– Reasonable price compared to top rated APT
– Relaxed & cozy atmosphere like your home
– Premier latex mattress & goose down comforter

< How many people does APT comfortably fit? >
Residence will comfortably fit in 4peoples or plus
(Extra bedding is available for more than 4people)

GUEST ACCESS——————————————————————————————

< What will guests have access to facilities? >
– high speed Wi-Fi internet access
– System air-conditioning in living & 2 bedrooms
– High speed & well maintained elevator
– Fully equipped cooking staffs for guest use
– Drum washing & drying machine with powder
– Toiletries are available (Towels, shampoo etc)

** No amenities or areas will be shared or limited

INTERACTION WITH GUESTS————————————————————————

< How much do I interact with my guests? >
1. In case of emergency, host will be present
2. Map, discount ticket, guide book are provided
3. Guide tour is available upon your request.
4. Pick-up service is available on your arrival.

< Will I be present at APT during guest’s stay? >
Yes, I will be present at the residence if needed
( I am living nearby this residence )


< What will guests love about neighborhood? >
– Operation of 24h security guards in 1st floor
– Doorbell and interphone with video camera
– Located on heart of Haeundae, Centum City.

– 5 mins walk from world largest department store
– Night view of brand-new high story buildings
– Food stores in apartment multi-complex
– Homeplus(Big supermarket ) is just 5 mins walk

Easy access to all area (Haeundae beach, spa)

< What should the guests experience? >
– Tiffany 21 cruise party ( 2 h lunch & dinner tour)
– Busan city tour bus ( travel around with 1ticket)
– Eating low fish in famous restuarant

PUBLIC TRANSPORTAION—————————————————————————-

< How does guest get to the residence? >
1. From Busan Central Station ( KTX or Train)
– Taxi: 35min / US $17 / Bexco
– Bus no1001 : 45min / 2$ / Bexco
( 1 min walk from bus stop)
– Metro line2: 55min / 2$ / Centum City station
( 2 min walk from subway station)

2. From Kim Hae International Airport
– Taxi: 50min /28$ / Stop: Haeundae Bexco
– Limousine no2: 1h/ US 7$ / Bexco
( just 2 mins walk from limousine bus stop)

EXTRA DETAIL———————————————————————————————
1. Luggage keeping service is available.
2. Using parking lot is previously noticed
3. Cleaning fee is free of charge.
4. Let me know your purpose of visiting to Busan
5. Brief safety & facility introduction with guests
( when you check- in on your arrival )

* I am happy to assist with all your enquiries
Have a lovely trip ~~ !!


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