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These Performances in Korea are Jaw-dropping!

We love Korea for her passion, creativity and diversity. And the artists here have pushed the limits to create extraordinary shows! So let’s get straight to the point, here are the 6 BEST, MUST-SEE performances in Korea! 1. NANTA First performed in 1997, NANTA is celebrating its 20th birthday, making it the longest running show in […]

Itaewon Food Tour!

Itaewon, known as Seoul’s ‘global village’, is a unique area where you can meet people of diverse nationalities and cultures located in the center of Seoul. And the diversities also created a uniqe food culture can be found only at Itaewon! Let’s find out the most recommended restaurants in Itaewon! 1. Itaewon The Burger Deeply influenced […]

Irresistible Korean Taste – Hanokjib Kimchi Jjim!!

(photo: Hanokjib Facebook) Kimchi Jjim, braised kimchi with pork/beef, is a classic Korean cuisine loved by all Koreans, and has gained fans from all over the world. Today we’re going to introduce you one of the most famous Kimchi Jjim restaurant in Korea – Hanokjib. Strongly recommeded especially for those who love Kimchi!! As you […]

Exploring Hanok Cafe

Hanok is a kind of Korean traditional house develped with the idea to keep accordance to its surroundings, considering the terrain and seasons. People from all over the world fall in love with Hanok when visiting Korea. And today we’re going to introduce something even more special – Hanok Cafes, where you can cozily enjoy the […]

Korea's 12 Guardians Animals: Sibijisin

2017 is also the “Year of Red Rooster” following the Oriental zodiac. But why use a rooster to represent the year? In Korea, it is believed that there are twelve gods of the earth who take the form of twelve animals,  collectively known as the Sibijisin, which means “Twelve (sibi) Gods of the Earth (jisin)”.   […]

Q&A about Korean Lunar New Year – Seollal

The Lunar New Year, Seollal, is one of the most celebrated traditional holidays in Korea. While many celebrate the January 1 New Year’s Day (the Solar New Year), Seollal, the first day of the lunar calendar, has more traditional meanings and is more important to most Koreans. You might now wonder what is special about this […]

Exploring Filming Locations of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God!

Korean tvN’s television series Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (도깨비:Dokkaebi) is now continuing its ever growing popularity in 2017! Staring Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-wook, Kim Go-eun, Yoo In-na, Yook Sung-jae and based on story by Kim Eun-sook, who also wrote popular series including Secret Garden (2010), The Heirs (2013) and Descendants of the Sun (2016), Guardian is becoming a […]

2016 BnBHero's Winter Tour Collections!

If you are visiting Korea and feeling frustrated to plan your own tour, stop worring now! BnBHero and our collaborating local tour agencies have prepared you a whole range of winter special tours! No more language problems, just follow our professional guides and we’ll cover everything for you! All the one-day tours are easy to reserve so you can […]

Year-End Shopping Map of Seoul!

Are you ready for the crazy year-end shopping? Here comes December, the best shopping season of the year in Korea! Almost every store, big or small, is offering best deals throughout Korea from December to the new year’s January. So get ready for our shopping guide and make sure you know where to shop in […]

Get Some Korean Treats~ Warm Your Winter Up!

Korean snack carts along the streets are becoming more and more busier as the cold strikes. Nothing can be more satisfying than holding some freashly cooked warm treats outside in the chilly wind!! We’re bringing several most popular ones here and hope these savory warm street foods would help you get through Korea’s cold winter. […]

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