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Korea’s Best Travel Season~ 10 Must Go Festivals~

~~~Korea’s Best Travel Season~~~ Every autumn from September to November is known as the best travel season in Korea. Korea during this period of time has the finest weather and most beautiful scenery of the year!! BnBHero would like to introduce you 10 must-go Korean festivals to be held from this best time of the […]

Shopping Couple Rings in Hongdae!!

Hongdae is known for a place of youth and fashion, and surely one of the favorite spots of Korean young couples. Today BnBHero is going to introduce two beloved jewelry shops in Hongdae, MAADSTUDIO and SWEETYSPOON! Both selling 14K to 18K golden and silver jewelries. When you travel to Korea, why not leave a most romantic […]

Hand-made Bakery Gordes

~~Artisan bread in everyday morning, Bakery fresh and honest GORDES~~ Looking for a healthy and comfortable bakery out in Seoul? The bakery cafe Gordes can make a perfect choice. Now follow BnBHero and walk into this homelike nice bakery! Offering delicious breads, coffee as well as fragrant tea, Gordes always stick to its ‘Three Free’ healthy recipe […]

The most famous Manjok Ohyang Jokbal (Pork Hock)

You must have heard how Korean people love Jokbal (Korean for pork hocks). And there are lots of restaurants exclusively serving pork hocks in Korea. However, Manjok Ohyang Jokbal is known as one of the 3 best Jokbal brands in Seoul. Let’s see why it has gained such a reputation! There’s always long lines outside waiting!! […]

Summer Ice Cream Feast

~~~~~Ice Cream for Summer~~~~~ Let BnBHero show you the must-have ice-cream & dessert brands in Korea! Brick Pop – Whole some Amusement by Great Nature Brick Pop is the first hand-made ice-cream shop in Korea. Based on its creative brand contents, Brick Pop created numerous tastes using fresh fruits. Brick Pop’s bars are particularly  famous for the […]

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