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Looking for some of the best restaurants, the hottest cafes and some of the most addictive snacks in the Korean market? Check out the information curated by our writers!

Meet Korean tradition: Pajeon and Makgeolli

Have you tried traditional Korean pajeon and drink makgeolli? Pajeon is a Korean dish made from eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, scallions(as its prominent ingredient) and seafood, meat could be extra added inside. Makgeolli is a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage. Korean people are used to having a pajeon and drink makgeolli in the raining day because the sound of making pajeon is […]

A hidden tiny cafe in Yeonhui-dong: B-hind

  Maybe you have been to Yonsei University, but have you been its neighborhood, Yeonhui-dong, which is a dong neighborhood at the center of Seodaemun-gu in Seoul. Today, I’m going to introduce a tiny cafe, B-hind, hidden in this peaceful area. You could have a great tea time here.     Name B-hind Hours 11:00-21:00 Address 132-32 […]

Hansik Olbaan: a nice Korean buffet restaurant

Do you wanna eat a lot of Korean famous food? Try Korean buffet restaurant: Hansik Olbaan, which means ‘serving well-cooked food the right way.’ It is a Korean food business developed by Shinsegae Food in consultation with Park Jong-sook, a food researcher who has researched the Korean food market and is inspired by menus from various […]

Sammat Hotteok- Hotteok and Tteokbokki restaurant at Hongdae 

Sammat Hotteok (삼맛호오떡) is a restaurant located in Hongdae which is famous for Hotteok and Tteokbokki. Hotteok (호떡, pronounced ‘ho-tok’) is a variety of filled Korean pancake, usually filled with sugar syrup inside. It is a popular street food of Korea and This warm and syrupy hotteok is a must have food for the freezing […]

Hong Kong food at Itaewon -Cha Chaan Teng

If you would like to eat some other country’s food rather than Korean food, there are actually lots of choices for you in Seoul! Especially in Itaewon, where you can find many different country’s food here! There is a Hong Kong restaurant named Cha Chaan Teng, which is a type of restaurant that can be […]

New GD cafe ‘Untitled, 2017’ at Jeju Shinhwa World

New GD cafe is now opened at Jeju Shinhwa World!  [ 180227 ] jejushinhwaworld IG Update [YG Republique 그랜드 오픈!] . 권지용(GD) 본인이 기획한 2개의 큰 작품 ‘Untitled, 2017’과 ‘AC.III.T’의 오프닝을 맞아 제주신화월드에 방문했습니다. . 환하게 웃는 권지용(GD)의 모습이 벌써 그리워지는 하루네요~ . 제주신화월드-YG Republique에서 그의 작품들을 감상하며, 여유롭게 커피 한잔 또는 신나는 볼링펍을 즐겨보는 […]

TOP 5 Sokcho Local Restaurant

Today, we are recommend must-eat food in Sokcho! Sokcho is surrounded by the east sea. There are many kinds of food in Sokcho. If you are planning to visit Sokcho, you should go our recommended TOP 5 restaurants! 1. Bongpo Meogurijip (봉포머구리집) 시원꿀맛😊👌🏻❤ . . . . . . . #전망#좋아요#봉포머구리집#속초맛집#속초#속초여행#먹스타그램#맛스타그램#맛집#맛집추천#소통#일상 💗🐤(@bymimi_)님의 공유 게시물님, 2018 […]

Must Try: Gondrebap & Gejang

  Have you tried Korean traditional cuisine, gejang, which is salted fermented seafood and made by marinating fresh raw crabs either in soy sauce? Also, you cannot miss eating gondrebap (gondre rice) with gejang! Gondrebap is rice mixed with cirsium setidens.   Today I’m going to introduce a famous traditional Korean style restaurant, selling awesome gejang and gondrebab for you. It locates […]

Shiba inu cafe in Hongdae Yeonnam-Dong

Hongdae Yeonnam-Dong’s Roasting star cafe (별을 굽다) There are two shiba inu dogs in Hongdae Yeonnam-Dong’s Roasting star cafe 💓 Mother Naru and 3 month old baby Goro 😍 They are really really cute! But they are not always outside, sometimes they might be resting in their room. If you are shiba inu lover you […]

7 Cute Character Cafes In Korea

Don’t you wanna meet your favorite emoticon characters from LINE or KAKAO? How about enjoying lovely Hello Kitty Cafe or drink coffee with Moomin? Here are 7 Cute Character Cafes in Korea that you’re gonna fall in love with! Kakao Friends Cafe This cafe is within Kakao Friends Flagship Store In Gangnam and Jamsil. Desserts […]

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