Cheaper Alternative to Taxi – Night Owl Buses!
Cheaper Alternative to Taxi – Night Owl Buses!


Out in Seoul until the wee hours of dawn?

Want to really enjoy the 24 hour lifestyle but unwilling to pay for cab?

Introducing the Night Owl Buses!


Actually called the Owl Buses in Korean, these buses cover key destinations in Seoul for both locals and tourists, making it a great way to get home! It might not drop you off right in front of your house, but at least it can make the journey from one end of Seoul to the other more affordable!


Late night buses in Seoul refer to buses operating from midnight to 5 a.m. Each bus has the letter “N” in front of its name, and because they operate after all the other buses have ended it is a great way to get around town! Currently most of the information online is a little bit outdated or in Korea, so we thought we could gather some of the routes for you to view at one glance!


Bus N26 will take you to and from Hongik University, one of the most popular stops with our guests!


N37 takes you from Hannam-dong (near Itaewon)further south.So especially if you are staying somewhere in Bundang, what about getting a little bit closer to you home and then taking a cab?


Noksapyeong is the stop right before Itaewon, and it will take you back to Seoul Station!


Yeonsei University and Shinchon are very popular with international students of Korea!


Heading home after a while “Gangnam” style night? Don’t worry, this bus will take you home!

Other buses include:

bus9bus7bus6bus8The bus fare is around 2,200 won, so depending on how many people you are with and how far you have to go, you might have to consider the benefits of taking the bus versus taking a taxi (standard meter starts from around 4,000 won past midnight!).

But this is a great alternative for taxi at night!

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