Damyang Bamboo Festival
Damyang Bamboo Festival

May is the month for festivals throughout Korea! The month is also considered to be the best month to travel, because of the enjoyable weather and the it is colorful anywhere you go!
If you have the time to travel, don’t miss the chance to come to the Damyang Bamboo Festival, located within a forest of 2.4 kilometers of bamboo!

This festival is full of activities celebrating the beauty and function of the bamboo plant. Visitors can also taste some of Damyang’s finest cuisines and other world foods featured at the Cultural Experience Center. For additional sightseeing opportunities, you can come visit some of the other attractions in the area, such as the Damyang Soswaewon, Damyang Gwanbangjerim, Damyang Jungnogwon, Metasequoia, and more.ProgramsBamboo Fair, Bamboo Musical Instrument Performance Contest, Bamboo-Cutting Sword Championship, Writing & Painting Competition, Making Daetongsul (a bamboo bottled traditional liquor), Riding a Bamboo Raft, Fishing with Bamboo Basket.

How to get there?

You can take take a train to Gwangju (광주) from Yongsan Station (Seoul):
* KTX (Express) train schedule: 06:40-20:30, 1hr 20min-2hr 25min intervals
* Saemaeul train schedule: 09:55-15:55, 1hr 35min-4hr 25min intervals
– From Gwangju Station, take Bus No. 311 to Juknokwon.


From Central City Bus Terminal (Seoul), take an express bus to Damyang (담양).
* Bus schedule: 10:10, 16:10
– From Damyang Bus Terminal, cross the road and take a Bongsan-Damyang (봉산, 담양) route bus.
– Get off at the Juknokwon bus stop, and cross the road.

Have fun at the Damyang bamboo festival!!!


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