Do you know Kimchi?
Do you know Kimchi?

We saw this really interesting article on the Huffington Post about the number one question Koreans love to ask!



Kimchi is a famous traditional Korean side dish made with vegetables and a variety of seasonings. In traditional preparation that is still done by many households, it is prepared once a year with all the women gathering together to make it!


The Kimchi Field Museum in Seoul has said that there are 187 different types of kimchi, depending on which ingredients are being used!

The most common ingredients include cabbage or vegetable of some sort with brine, scallions, spices, ginger, garlic, thinly chopped radish, shrimp sauce, oyster sauce and fish sauce!


Check out this interesting infographic by Dom and Hyo

There are so many different types of kimchi that is difficult to keep track! But while we love kimchi, and we think everyone should know what kimchi is, we are so curious that it is the number one question journalist asks foreign celebrities!

Do you know kimchi?

Do you like kimchi?

Here are some famous celebrities and how they responded!

Megan Fox


I often frequent Korea Town in LA and eat kimchi and Korean soup and rice! I love kimchi, and I especially like gochujang!

Sophie Marceau


I love Kimchi and Bibimbap!

Leonardo Dicaprio


I grew up in LA and have many Korean friends- I love kimchi and bulgogi!

Nicholas Cage


His wife is actually Korean! I love vegetables foremost, so I love kimchi. But now kimchi has become a staple diet food for me!

So what about you? 

Do you LOVE Kimchi?

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