“Dog Cafe in Korea”

“Dog Cafe in Korea”

As you guys know mostly around Korea you can see lots of Dog cafés
around but then I choose to visit this ” Bau. House Dog cafe” at “Hapjeong”.

So the concept is quite easy with free entrance fees for one hour with the order of a drink.
But I do stayed longer than one hour~ An Americano costs about “Rm20” that quite expensive!!
Bau House also has dog hotel and dog daycare services, and sells pet supplies.

This is where the workers preparing drinks and also kitchen behind!!

The cafe was divided into 2 part. As you enter the cafe there’s a smaller area for smaller dogs.
If you love big boys you can stay at the back.if you guys worry about the smell of poops or piss
I can assure that Poop and piss is always cleaned up instantly by the worker,
by the way, and piss, is always cleaned up instantly by the workers here.

The all HUGE DOG area!! Spot 3 HUSKY in here!!
They also sell pet supplies here too!!
There area where all the small dog stay^^

Bau House Dog Cafe
Address: 394-44 Sukyodong Mapo-gu Seoul
Operation hours: 13:30-23:00 [weekdays] / 12:30-23:00 [Weekends]
Website: http://cafe.daum.net/BAUhouse/

Exit Hapjeong Station (합정역) exit 3 and turn around, then make an immediate left into the alley.
Then look to the right after 20 seconds.

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