Explore National parks in Korea- Seoraksan National park

Explore National parks in Korea- Seoraksan National park


Seoraksan National park is the 5th national park in Korea, which is famous for its variety animal species. The total area of Seoraksan National park is 398.539㎢


Seoraksan National Park Office

– Address : 43, Seorak-dong, Sokcho Si, Gangwon-Do

– Tel : +82-33-636-7700,7702~3

– Fax : +82-33-636-7494

– E-mail : sorak@knps.or.kr


Transportation detail:


Peak Season Info:

Season (6 months): Spring (from 4.1 ~ 5.31), Summer (7.1 ~ 8.31) and Autumn (10.1 ~ 11.30)

They also provide hiking courses:


Osaek Course

Travel Time : 3 Hours 10 Minutes

Distance : 5.3 ㎞

This course extending to Daecheongbong (Peak) , Daecheongbong is an important place which filled with high mountain wildlife.


Suryeom-dong Course

Travel Time : 3 hours 10 minutes

Distance : 10.7 ㎞

You will see Baekamsa Temple in this couse,  here  is the reign for Queen Jindeok in Silla time (around 647 AD)

Above are the 1 day courses, they also provided 2, 3 days class. More hiking class can be viewed at: http://english.knps.or.kr/Experience/ParkList.aspx?MenuNum=1&Submenu=Npp&Third=HikingCourses&Fourth=01&ParkDiv=14&HikDiv02=01

Korea National Park site(English version): http://english.knps.or.kr/

If you would like to see the beauty of Seoraksan National park but want to enjoy it with an easier?

Take the cable car!


Official site of Sorak Cable Car(English version): http://www.sorakcablecar.co.kr/#!english2/c1fu2

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