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$1 – Full Day Seoul Tour Review

$ 1 Seoul Tour Reviews

It is a blog that does not exaggerate the actual $ 1 Seoul tour progress.

The photos from the tourists for personal privacy were excluded as much as possible, and the faces were covered with emoticons.

1. Pick up 
We leave the van early in the morning.
The man wearing glasses is the one who will lead this tour.
It is a handsome guy who is very tall and looks like a K-Drama idol Lee Min Ho. 🙂

2. Hanbok rental 
The first stop on the van is Hanbok Rental Store.

It is a very large Hanbok branch.

Wow, there are a lot of different kinds of hanbok, hair, bags, and accessories.
Of course, there is absolutely no need to pay an extra fee to rent all this.

In addition to Hanbok, various accessories are available for the fashion of women.
Look in the mirror and try your best.

Many Hanbok with various shapes and colors ~
What would be a suitable hanbok for me?
It will not take a day or more to wear it all in one piece.

Of course, there is hanbok for men and children.

3. Gyeongbok Palace Tour 
Now, all the family, friends are all dressed up in hanbok
Take a comfortable car back to Gyeongbokgung, the next place !!

This is the entrance to Gyeongbokgung Palace.
It is an old palace in the very modernized city center of Seoul.

We wear a hanbok and start a tour of Gyeongbok Palace ~ !!
Besides us, you can see those who wear hanbok.

Anyway, do you think that Hanbok is really cool women?
It is really beautiful to have a hair styling to suit the Hanbok 

This is one of the hot places to take pictures at Gyeongbok Palace.
If you wear a hanbok here and take a picture, this is the pic of the day.
Do not let go!
It looks really good for those wearing hanbok. 🙂


4. Bukchon Hanok Village Tour 
Then we will leave for the next location.
There are many places to go.
Of course, go for a comfortable ride.

This is Bukchon Hanok Village.
It is a place where you can enjoy Korean old houses.
It is located in a high place, so it is easier if you move by car.

This is Bukchon Hanok Village landscape.
You can see that the village is in a high place?

We can see Seoul Namsan Tower far away.

I try to take a picture in the background of Hanok.
Let’s take a pic~!  

5. Myeongdong Shinsegae Department Store, Duty-Free Shop Tour & Lunch 
Go to the next place.
We kept going outside, but this time We go inside.
It is Myeongdong Shinsegae department store.
Because it is lunchtime, I enjoy the food which is good for the taste in the food court of department store comfortably.

6. Ihwa-dong Mural Village tour 
Sinsegae Department Store After lunch and lunch, go to the next place.
You can see Dongdaemun Fashion Plaza on the way.
Zaha Hadid, one of the best architects in the world, designs the Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is very unique in the design of buildings and the design of sculptures.

This is an Ihwa-dong Mural Village.
This place is famous for its wall murals.
There are many places to take pictures here as well.
As well as tourists, Koreans also take lots of pictures here.

It is a little uncomfortable to walk, but if you move by car, you will have a more relaxed tour.

It is a sign for the tour of the paintings of Ihwa-dong Mural Village

Right here~!
Take a picture with that wing wall background.
Second, the pic of the day.

7. Bugak Skyway 
Go to the last place.
This place is hard for foreigners to visit. So there are not many foreign tourists.
It is a place that Koreans enjoy mostly.
Because there is no public transportation.

It goes up the hill.
It’s a good course to drive.
In fact, Many Koreans drive here and have a lot of dating.

We finally arrived.
This is the Bugak Palgakjeong Pavilion

You can look down Seoul from Bugak Skyway.
It is a different sight than what you see in N Seoul Tower.

In Bugak Skyway
You can see not only Seoul city but also a residential area.
It ‘s too bad the weather is a little cloudy.


8. Insa-dong 

The next course is Insadong.

There is also a running man experience hall.

9. Return to accommodation 
So, after the tour, we will go to the hotel now.

While returning to our accommodation, we are comfortable driving the city center of Seoul.
It is also one of the tourists to look around Seoul from the van window.

Arrive at the hotel!

Thank you, everyone.
Especially, thank you for the driver who looked like Lee Minho 🙂

I did a tour of Seoul for only $ 1.
Private vans from Hanbok, from Gyeongbok Palace to Bukak Skyway
And Got the pic of the day.

  The tour program is still being upgraded.
And, depending on the weather, traffic situation, etc., we carry out the best tour day.
Next time, this tour program would like to add Insadong course.

 Only 1$ – Full Day Seoul Tour 

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