Get Your Selfie Latte at caFACE, Hongdae!
Get Your Selfie Latte at caFACE, Hongdae!

The Koreans are taking fancy coffee to the next level! At caFACE in Hongdae, Seoul, you can not only take a selfie but also “Drink” one!

CaFACE is a popular Cafe in Hongdae where you can make a memory with their special customized Latte. How? Just order your drink and choose the picture you want them to print on it~ Your drink will come in really vivid color, unbelievable details, and it’s 100% safe and drinkable! Tastes just like the regular Latte~

Price of the drinks is common, like many other Cafes in Korea. And for a special “Face Latte”, there’s only an extra 2,700won (sround $2.5) for the service, quite fair for the fun! Great experience loved by both Koreans and foreign visitors, especially young couples!

Price of Selfie Lattes


Couple Selfie Lattes

Selfie Latte – Stirred

More than the Selfie Latte, caFace also has a small art corner for you to design and paint your own ceramic figure! Look how cute they are!

There are 2 types of figures – the boy and the girl

Kid drawing ceramic figures


Location: B2 Seogyo Plaza, 20 Hongikro 3gil, Mapogu, Seoul (next to Hongdae Trick Eye Museum)



*Photos from Blogger 콩다, SJ, and 하하하

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