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Hangang Floating Island

Floating Island, located near the southernmost part of Banpo Bridge, is the nation’s first-ever artificial island that floats on the surface of Hangang River. The Island is comprised of three flower-themed islets, Visat, Viva and Terra, with different functions. The island sizes 9,629㎡ in total (9,995㎡, including the bridges connecting the islets).

The first islet, Vista, takes the form of a flower in full bloom. It is a multi-functional cultural facility which can be used as a venue for performances, international conferences, exhibitions and so forth. The second islet, Viva, looks like a flower bud. A range of cultural experience and event zones including Beat Square, Youth Woods and 3D restaurants will be located here. The third islet, Terra, takes the form of a seed. The islet has water sports facilities and outdoor garden from which you may enjoy the picturesque scenery of Hangang River.

Around the Floating Island are LED lights that feature a fantastic night view under the theme of ‘gleaming light in the mist.’ The Floating Island, a prospective venue for a range of artistic performances and exhibitions, will become a landmark attraction at Hangang River, along with Jamsu Bridge Pedestrian Square and Banpo Rainbow Fountain.

[Subway] Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3,7 or 9), Exit 8-1.
Go straight for 250m, and turn right at the Express Bus Terminal 4-way intersection.
Continue going straight for 400m and cross the road.
Go straight through the underpass to arrive at Banpo Hangang Park.

[Bus] Take bus 143, 401, 405, 406 or 8340 and get off at Banpo Hangang Park.

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