Have you visited the Kyung-In Fine Art Museum in Insadong?
Have you visited the Kyung-In Fine Art Museum in Insadong?

Inside Insadong’s Secret Garden- Kyung-In Fine Art Museum 


Have you been to Insadong? A famous neighborhood in Korea full of arts, culture and traditional souvenirs, there are also several museums scattered throughout the small nooks and crannies- this week we thought we could highlight a favorite of ours, Kyung-In Fine Art Museum!


Kyung-In Fine Art Museum is like a secret garden, tucked away in a small street and built in the style of a hanok, or a typical Korean house. It is composed of six main exhibition halls, and also has a traditional teahouse. In the summer the trees shade the entire area and create a hushed and tranquil atmosphere. Originally the hanok was a residential palace for a member of the royal family, and is imbued with a timeless elegance.


Each of the exhibition halls hold different exhibitions, and each week they rotate so if you are in Korea for a while, what about checking it out more than once? There is no entrance fee, and the exhibitions are usually a fusion of both traditional and modern culture.


Additionally, there is also an arts and craft store where you can buy and view art pieces and props! It is very exciting because you get to see the work of currently active artists, and with such a variety of media and tools and styles. This writer’s personal favorite is that you get a glimpse of Korea’s cultural heritage through beautiful works of art!



kyunginart_03 kyunginart_05

Art display photo courtesy of the Kyung-In Fine Art Museum 

But even better than the art, there is an opportunity for you to enjoy a traditional teahouse! What about sitting amongst the shade of the trees and enjoying a nice, refreshing cup of tea? (For some recommendations on traditional Korean beverages to quench your thirst, check out our facebook post!) The shop also offers natural fruit icecream, so feel the heat melt away with every cold bite of dessert!


The tea house offers 15 types of traditional teas, all of which are homemade. The deep-brewed jujube tea is especially popular. In the scorching summer months, their Omija Punch is a top seller.


So if you are visiting Insadong on your next trip, what about dropping by the Kyung-In Fine Art Museum? Take a few photos and share it with us on our facebook page! We love seeing what our readers get up to 🙂

Address: 11-4, Insadong 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 인사동10길 11-4 (관훈동)

Operating Hours: Museum of Fine Arts 10:00am – 6:00pm

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