Hello Kitty Cafe “Hongdae”
Hello Kitty Cafe “Hongdae”

Any Hello Kitty Lover here??? Introducing newly opened Hello Kitty Cafe in “Hongdae” which now includes outdoor seating,
a gift shop, and a…bedroom (?!) in here they serves coffee and dessert and also tourists friendly with English menu beside the Korean words.
The Newly Open Hello KItty Coffee & Dessert Main Entrance

When you order coffee and dessert, the staff will give you a pager to take with you for letting
you know when your order is ready to pick up…It’s all cover with lovely pink and also Hello Kitty.
All Decorated with Hello KItty {PINKISH PINKISH}

The Huge Display of Hello KItty Princess

All of the drink & dessert come with Hello Kitty Shape
super cute

Direction to Hello Kitty Coffee & Dessert Cafe

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