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Must eat food ‘Juk’

Porridge (or congee) is not a unique Korean food. You can find them in many other Asian countries such as Taiwan, Singapore and China. The uniqueness of Korean ‘Juk (Korean name of porridge)’ comes from its variety and the mixture of modern & traditional taste of rich ingredients.

Juk is very popular in Korea and well known as ‘wellbeing food’. There are many Juk brands and 본죽(Bonjuk) is the largest brand with hundreds of outlets in all over Korea.

If you are embarrassed with too many menu items in Juk restaurant, we can suggest most popular Juks among foreign travelers. They are ‘굴(oyster)’, ‘참치(tuna)’, ‘삼계(Jinseng chicken)’, ‘버섯 쇠고기(beef & mushroom)’ and ‘해물(seafood)’.

If you are looking for something spicy, there are Kimchi juk of course!

For more information about Juk, seehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juk_(food)

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