Korean Childhood Favorite – Butter Jangjorim Bibimbap!
Korean Childhood Favorite – Butter Jangjorim Bibimbap!

Butter Jangjorim Bibimbap!


What is this very strange dish? It is a classic childhood favorite dish for many Koreans! Hot, steaming rice with just a little slab of butter gives it a decadent and unforgettable savory flavour, combined with jangjorim, a very famous Korean side dish that consists of meat that has been flavored and reduced in a sweet and salty soy sauce base! You mix everything together classic Korean bibimbap style, and eat it with kimchi, or other side dishes!


This classic Korean dish is a favorite with the young and old, and after reading a recent article about it, we had to share the English version with our readers! All the dishes introduced here are less than 10,000 won! 

Addresses all link to googlemap, with the address in English, so don’t worry if you don’t read Korean!


Name: Jang KKoma

Price: 8,000 won

Address: 용산구 소월로40길 53

This place serves the classic with a fried egg, the yolk still runny and the jangjorim almost like Japanese style donburi, but it is delicious! They are also famous for including a lot of side dishes, but who needs it when you have a classic dish like this? Simply break the yolk and mix the egg, rice and jangjorim together, and enjoy!

Plus they give you a generous helping of Korean miso soup to cut through the flavour! bab4

Name: School Food

Price: 8,000 won

Address: 서울 강남구 도산대로 139제이타워 

School Food adds a unique and modern twist to their version by covering the entire buttery, jangjorimy goodness with a fluffy scrambled egg blanket! Imagining the difference in textures and flavours as you eat your way through this delicious dish- we want to go here also!


Name: Nadeuri Jjeolmyun

Price: 7,000 won

Address: 서울 마포구 독막로15길 3-14 

There are so many items in this plentiful dish that it almost looks like regular bibimbap, except without the spicy sauce! But not to fear! It is delicious, it is butter, and it is jangjorim! Just with more players to make it a very exciting party for your mouth!


Name: Ilsang Byulshik

Price: 8,000 won

Address: 서울 마포구 홍익로5안길 28

Last but definitely not least, have this restaurant serves everything formally, and plates it so beautifully that you would almost forget you were eating a childhood classic dish, and not some fancy palace cuisine! The rice and the jangjorim comes separately, giving you the pleasure of mixing everything together!

So what do you think, what about giving our childhood classic a try?

Photos from an Essen Magazine Article

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