Korea’s Top 9 Instagram Accounts!
Korea’s Top 9 Instagram Accounts!

Do you instagram? 

Many of our celebrities do!

If you are looking to follow some Korean celebrities, here is a list of our top ten instagram accounts!

Number 9


2NE1 Sandara Park is our number 10! Not only does she upload a lot of beautiful photos of herself, but you can also get a sneak into the life of a famous Korean idol!

Number 8


Lee Donghae from Super Junior is not only a great singer and part of a super famous band, but he looks amazing in his “selfies!”

Number 7


Did you know the top 10 list is dominated by EXO? But we aren’t complaining!

Number 6


Taeyang from Big Bang has an amazing instagram account with photos that you can tell had a lot of thought put into them!

Number 5


Baekhyun has an instagram account that is so casual and realistic, sometimes we feel as if we are peeking into the life of a normal (but VERY handsome!) man!

Number 4


One more from one of the most famous bands of Korea!

Number 3


We also love it when we see idol groups shout out and give their support to other idol groups!

Number 2


Finally, another female instagram account! We bet you know who she is!

Number 1!! 


The number one most followed Korean Instagram account belongs to the legendary G Dragon!

But that’s not all!! 


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