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Let’s enjoy Korea’s Autumn Foliage together!

Korea’s Most Beautiful Season is here!   


Looking for an update on 2016? Check out our updated list of foliage dates here! 

In Korea there is a saying that is “가을 타다”, which can be roughly translated to suffering from the autumn. Basically as the weather turns cooler, you feel a little bit lonely, and want companionship, love, romance, all the things Korean dramas are famous for!

The weather has been getting cooler day and day, and Korean men and women are now wearing beautiful trench coats, or thick bulky sweaters and long scarves to keep the cold at bay! But this cold also brings one of our favorite and most beautiful seasons in Korea, Autumn!

Chasing the Autumn Foliage (when the trees turn beautiful shades of gold, red and orange) is a very common past time for Koreans. And why not?


Enjoy the Beautiful Trees in Seoul! 

Deoksugung Doldam-gil follows the stone wall of Deoksugung Palace, and is a very popular place to walk in the day and evening! The large gingko trees reach out over the stone walls and create a beautiful shade in the summer, but it is more majestic in the autumn because they turn all sorts of vibrant hues! Although this is beautiful in the day time, it is also beautiful at night, because of the lamps that light up the trees!

Samcheongdong is famous old town in Korea full of beautifully restored Korean traditional homes (hanoks) that are now BnBs (some are listed on our website!), cafes, restaurants, and art galleries! The trees are dispersed through this neighborhood, and we highly recommend this place because of the way you can enjoy both the nature, as well as the activities! What about grabbing a hot snack to keep your hands warm, or popping by a beautiful cafe and resting? Or enjoy some famous sujebi!

Namsan Mountain with the famous Namsan tower is a must visit destination! What better place to take in all of Seoul, but also the beauty of the trees from a great height? We highly recommend that you visit the Namsan Tower to get a great birdseye view, but also Namsan Library- there is a beautiful path to walk up and down from the library, and from either side of the path you will see the perfect harmony of the city and the fall foliage!

Haneul Park [Official Website] has a beautiful path full of red wood trees, and is the perfect place to think and repose in peace, all the while enjoying the way that the weather is turning seasons around you! It is a perfect place to come and take photos, and there is also a field of reeds that is a great photo taking opportunity!

Seoul Forest  is beautiful because it is a forest, but also because there is a beautiful bridge where you can take wonderful photos, and also enjoy the full beautiful of Seoul! The park also has a music fountain, so maybe you will be lucky enough to catch a performance during your visit!

Seoul Grand Park [Official Website] is a little bit out of the ways, but it is also a beautiful destination, especially if you want to make a day trip out of it! What about packing some food, hot drinks, and heading out with your friends? Bring a few light weight blanks to wrap yourself up with, and enjoy the beauty!

foliage11Outside of Seoul, there are more interesting and intriguing places to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage! One of our favorites (and most highly recommended) follows the foliage forest that was published by the Korean Meteorological Department! So if you are visiting Korea this autumn, which of the peak seasons does your trip coincide with?


(Click to enlarge!)

Visit Korea has a neat little table summarizing the peak periods of all the mountains, so we thought we would borrow it here!

2015 Autumn Foliage Forecast at Major Mountains in Korea
Mountain Mountain Peak
Seoraksan National Park (NaeSeorak) September 25 October 18
Odaesan National Park September 29 October 17
Chiaksan National Park October 6 October 21
Jirisan National Park (Jirisan Mountain Nogodan Peak) October 7 October 20
Gayasan National Park (Baegundong Area) October 12 October 29
Woraksan National Park October 11 October 24
Bukhansan National Park (Dobong) October 12 October 27
Gyeryongsan National Park October 14 October 26
Hallasan National Park October 14 October 28
Songnisan National Park (Chungcheongbuk-do) October 14 October 28
Naejangsan National Park October 17 November 06
Palgongsan Natural Park (Gatbawi District) October 17 October 28
Mudeungsan National Park October 20 November 04
Duryunsan Provincial Park October 29 November 11

[Table Courtesy of Visit Korea!]

Fall Foliage starts from the North and Travels South, so you have plenty of time to catch it at its peak- it lasts all the way into November!


Of course we’ve prepared a google map for our readers!

So interested in checking out some of the fantastic foliage this year? We’ve prepared a google map just for this occasion! Whether you think you are going to be in the area and just want to make sure, or are just curious about our famous mountains, check it out here!

2015 Fall Foliage Googlemap! 

Do you love fall and the spicy, crispy scent of the air a change in season brings? We do!

So what about visiting our beautiful sites together, and enjoying the play of gold and crimson over our mountains?

Photos Courtesy of VisitKorea

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