Most of you know Pony is a famous make up artist, she’s done a lot of amazing and astonishing work either on Youtube or Instgram, but have you ever noticed that she also has her own make up brand?


Items of PONY EFFECT are diversity, eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, nails and brushes, etc. And can be found in Watsons, Lotte department store, LOHB, etc in Korea.

Here are some Hot items, we would like to introduce,

That Girl Fever Shadow Palette

Silky smooth and have Vitamin E to protect the eye area.


Luminous Boosting Mask

This mask is designed to prepare the skin to the best condition for makeup.


Contouring Master Palette

Very blendable pressed powder can contour the face, as well as to double the eye shadow naturally.


Write the PONY EFFECT down for your buying list when travelling to Korea 😉

More information can be found at official PONY EFFECT website: http://ponyeffect.com/


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