[Great Night View of Naksan Park]
[Great Night View of Naksan Park]

낙산공원 Naksan Park was founded in 2002 to preserve the remaining green spaces after much of the mountain was demolished during Japanese rule. There is a range of facilities for visitors including an exhibition hall, a hexagonal pavilion, a senior citizens’ center, and sports facilities including badminton and basketball courts and several squares. Despite its modest scale, with a height of just over 100 meters, Naksan was one of the four guardian mountains, along with Bugaksan, Namsan, Inwangsan, of the capital of the Joseon Dynasty.




It took its name from the Korean words “Nakta-san.” “Nakta” in Korean means “camel”. In the past, the mountain was popular with yangban (the ruling class of the Joseon Dynasty) who came to see its famous sunset views.

In Naksan Park, visitors can follow the walking trail along the Seoul Seonggwak (Fortress Wall) stretching about 2 km from Hyehwamun to Heunginjimun (the East Gate of Seoul). In particular the downhill stretch of trail towards Hyehwamun is famous for its stunning scenery. The opportunity to walk along the fortress wall in downtown Seoul is rare, making the area a popular location with photographers.

Also the night view of Naksan Park couldn’t be neglected!
















Isn’t it a good idea that walking at night in Naksan park and enjoy the night view of Seoul? 🙂

Hyehwa Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 2.
– Go straight for 200m, then turn left onto Dongsung-gil Street.
– Go straight for 200m, then turn left at Lock Museum.
– Walk straight for 50m, then turn right onto Naksan Gongwon-gil Street.
– Follow the same street up the hill for 300m to arrive at Naksan Park.



Source: Korea Tourism Organization

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