Paris Baguette, leading premium bakery cafe in Korea

Paris Baguette, leading premium bakery cafe in Korea


Established the first store in Korea in 1992, Paris Baguette now is not only the top brand of Korean bakery market, but a worldwide known bakery brand with internationally successful franchises in China, Japan, Singapore, USA and France.


Committed in only serve fresh, clean and healthy products, they always emphasize of using high quality ingredients and even dedicated to analyzing the nutrition components of each items they served.


They serve not only breads and pastries but cakes, but desserts, sandwich, brunch, coffee and beverage! All of them are with creative Paris Baguette style and honest natural ingredients!


Have you ever tried Paris Baguette when you travelling to Korea? What’s your best item in mind? Share with us!

If you haven’t tried yet, try some, enjoy Korean style pastries and desserts with the people you would like to share the joyful moment together!


Website of Paris Baguette:

You can find the Paris Baguette stores easily in Korea.



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