Recommended Korean Buffet Restaurant, Natural Kitchen

Recommended Korean Buffet Restaurant, Natural Kitchen


Dedicated to provided the freshest vegetable and ingredients to make their foods, Natural Kitchen is one of most famous Korean buffet restaurant in Korea.



They provide diverse type of foods for customers to choose, fried pork, Bulgogi (grilled marinated meat), Korean traditional tea and soup, spicy rice cakes, salad and some sweet snacks like ice cream and shaved ice.


And the price of this all you can eat buffet is pretty affordable,

Weekday Lunch Price: 12900KRW per person

Dinner, Weekend and Holiday Price: 19900 KRW per person


They have many branches in different cities in Korea, the address of their Myeongdong branch is:  53-1 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Weekday Lunch operating time: AM11:00 ~PM5:00

Weekday Dinner operating time: PM5:00~PM 21:30

Weekend and Holiday operating time: AM11:00~PM21:30


Come here to enjoy different kinds of Korean foods at the same time when you travelling to Korea!


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