When we traveled in Korea, which is the most sought is buy korean souvenirs are cheap. One of the places recommended especially in winter is a souvenir shop in dongdaemun. Ketika kita berwisata di korea, yang paling dicari adalah tempat belanja oleh-oleh khas korea yang murah. Salah satu tempat yang direkomendasikan terutama pada musim dingin adalah toko oleh-oleh yang ada di dongdaemun.

beside souvenirs of korea there we are can buy clothes ranging from the cheap prices offered to expensive and can be negotiable. The model offered also many and beautiful . Selain oleh-oleh khas korea disana kita bisa membeli baju mulai dari harga murah yang bisa ditawar sampai yang mahal dan tidak bias ditawar. Model yang ditawarkan juga banyak dan cantik-cantik.



In front of the building where the shop there are dongdaemun design plaza, there are many places exhibition and selling goods made by hand (hand made), at the night season is certain there is a rose garden Led, when we visited him at night time will be seen more beautiful. Di depan gedung tempat berbelanja disana terdapat dongdaemun design plaza, disana terdapat banyak tempat exhibition dan menjual barang-barang yang dibuat dengan tangan (hand made), selain itu ketika malam hari dimusim tertentu terdapat taman mawar Led, ketika kita mengunjunginya pada waktu malam akan terlihat lebih cantik.


there are a building named Lotte Fittin there we can buy goods ranging from clothes, shoes and other purposes of our middle and upper price. There’s also a food court and hologram show. There we can see the performance artist through holographic display. disana terdapat sebuah gedung bernama Lotte Fittin disana kita bisa membeli barang-barang mulai dari baju, sepatu dan lainnya keperluan kita dengan harga yang menengah keatas. Disana juga terdapat food court dan hologram show. Disana kita bisa melihat pertunjukan artis melalui tampilan hologram.


Beside it there is a building named Good Morning City, there we can buy clothes with lots of discounts and the price is negotiable. And on the 2nd floor of the building we can find a city goodmorning Chungsilhongsil shop that sells goods to souvenirs of korea with low prices and all the servants can speak indonesian, malay, english and chinesee. . Disampingnya terdapat gedung bernama Good Morning City, disana kita bisa membeli baju-baju dengan banyak diskon dan harganya bisa ditawar. Dan di lantai 2 gedung goodmorning city kita bisa menemukan toko Chungsilhongsil yang menjual barang-barang untuk oleh-oleh khas korea dengan harga murah dan semua pelayannya bisa b.Indonesia, malaysia, Inggris dan China.




In addition there could also find clothes, shoes, bags and caps. In addition to the city took good morning we could shop at AMPM, Miglore and kesua maxtyle in the building we can negotiate the price of the goods. And at the end of the building there is Doota, there we can buy branded goods at a price which is quite expensive. Selain itu disana juga bisa menemukan baju, sepatu, tas dan topi. Selain di took good morning city kita bisa berbelanja di AmPm, Miglore dan maxtile di kesua gedung tersebut kita bisa menawar harga barang. Dan paling ujung gedung terdapat Doota, disana kita bisa membeli barang-barang branded dengan harga yang cukup mahal.


After tired shopping we could eat in kosher restaurants that are there, the typical Indian restaurant is located behind the building good morning city. Pooja restaurant name, providing Indian food. Setelah cape berbelanja kita bisa makan di restoran halal yang ada disana, restoran khas india ini berada di belakang gedung good morning city. Nama restorannya Pooja, menyediakan makanan India.

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Name of Restaurant : Pooja (뿌자)

Tlp : 02-744-2199

Address. Alamat : 서울특별시 종로구 종로 327 (창신동)

327, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul-si 110-840

click link below for direction. klik link dibawah ini untuk petunjuk :,127.0117773,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x357ca337466bf137:0x1f2a16b471a0f42a

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