Surprisingly Café Bene in Myeongdong

Myeongdong is known as Shopping Paradise for Shopaholic. Anyone who wants inexpensive clothes, shoes, or brand name cosmetics, must visit Myeongdong street. However today, there is a surprising rendezvous emerging in the center of Myeongdong and attracting all walks of people, when my shopaholic friend invited me to Myeongdong, not for shopping but for finding quiet place in a bustling town for reading…  it made me astounding…


We walked pass many shops with boisterous sound from sale staffs, my friend leaded me to a small alley, and here is “Café Bene” standing in front of us. It is located at Choongmu ro 2 ga. How nice it is. I liked the atmosphere of this place as the interior design was the mixture of the European open-air atmosphere and the traditional Korean Culture of “Sarangbang.”




The layout of the table sets created the atmosphere for the bookworms with various kinds of bookshelves attached to the walls. One of the reasons that made it looked nice and cozy is the interior lighting design harmonizing with the wooden furniture. Thus, this place can be the sanctuary for anyone who wants to run away from the uproarious bargaining outside and to meet peaceful and quiet place in the heart of bustling Myeongdong. It is also a place for relaxation or just chilling around and waiting for friends. A good place for students or people who find the place to read.



With beverages; especially coffee, tea, delicious bakery, and various menus are awaiting for new and regular customers.  They always said how surprised they had nice coffee especially on a cold morning, and  green tea is good . For  Café bene’s desserts,  they have wide variations and choices such as waffle, pastry, gelato. Our other selection was the Chocolate Banana Honey Toast, the pancake is quite nice with chocolate,  but their waffles are great! You can choose your toppings for the waffles.  I and my friend tried to order the waffle with blueberry and cream cheese,  their waffles were the best waffles I’ve ever had.


In addition,  I also found that the place was clean and spacious. Café Bene was founded in South Korea in 2008 with hundreds of branches nationwide, and moreover  it also made its international debut in USA, Canada, and in Asia, such as Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Mongolia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the latest in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar in near future.



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