Taebaek Coal Museum, learn more about Korean coal industry!
Taebaek Coal Museum, learn more about Korean coal industry!


Back to the 1960s and 1970s,mining industry help Korea bloom their economic growth after the war, as well as the rail and road expansion.


Taebaek is a city located in  Gangwon province, north-eastern Korea, and the name Taebaek is actually based with the name of Taebaek Mountains, and the range of Taebaek Mountains is across from North Korea to South Korea.


There are only few natural energy source in Korea, and Coal is the one, thus it played an important role for the Korean industrial development, and Taebaek Coal Museum is the museum where displays the facilitates and the story back to that time.


There are different exhibition held in the museum, Life in Mine, Mine Safety, Making and Finding of Coal, etc. It’s pretty fun for both adults and kids.


Address: 195, Cheonjedan-gil, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do
강원 태백시 천제단길 195 (소도동)

Open all year round

Admission fee:

Adults 2,000 won

Youths 1,500 won

Children 700 won


If you’re interested in Korean historical records, fossils and mine industry in Korea, then here is a place you should must come!

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