UNCLES TTEOKBOKKI 엉클스떡볶이 [Sinchon Branch]

A perfect place for those who like spicy tteokbokki. They were also the year 2014 award winner for
The Best Brand of the Chosen by Consumer’!


The unique part of Uncles tteokbokki is you can choose the toppings to put on your tteokbokki.
The most popular topping is Fried squid that is very tender inside and very crispy on outside.
The squid is not half of it but as Deep-fried whole squid and becomes a perfect
combination for its spicy tteokbokki.*THUMBSSSS UPPP

Can you spot the whole SQUIDDDDDD??

Or Other toppings you can choose include tasty pork belly, buffalo wings and steak.

Besides that you can adjust the spiciness of tteokbokki,

First level of spiciness = 2 x the spiciness level of Shin Ra Myeon
Second level of spiciness = 4 x the spiciness level of Shin Ra Myeon
Third level of spiciness (oh-ho!) = 100 x the spiciness level of Shin Ra Myeon!

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but even the milder one can be a little bit too spicy for some people.
If you need something to cool down your mouth, you can have juice or beer. hehhehe

Tteokbokki – 4,900won or 5,900 (with cheese) per person
– Fried squid: 6,800won
– Pork belly (Samgyeupsal): 6,800won
– Buffalo wings: 8,000won

You gonna cut the whole squid

Besides that the environments all well decorated and best place to enjoy the food as well as chit chatting

Website: http://www.unclesdduk.com/main/main.php [korean only] Location: 서울시 서대문구 창천동 53-91 지하 1층 (Korean address)
53-91 Changcheon-dong Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 02-323-8186
Operating hours: Mon – Sun: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm (last order is at 10pm)

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