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요거프레소(yoger presso) dessert cafe



If you like yogurt, yogurt ice cream and so on, try this famous dessert cafe ‘yoger presso’ serving many yogurt products and they really taste awesome! Their main product is yogurt ice cream and smoothie.


Since it’s winter now, they also provide something drinks and desserts which are suitable for this cold time, making your heart warmer.  Also, I recommend the strawberry one; the strawberry are so sweet and so matchy with yogurt. Moreover, their yogurt belongs to sweet that kind of style.






Next time I wanna try Milk soft double cream latte!

Looks so great; many girls have a small talk here with a latte, spending some hours with friends. Enjoy the warm drinks and free time in this cold weather. Doesn’t that sound good?





They have many cafes in Korea, you could find it when wandering or shopping.

Official website (Korean)


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